Handbag Therapy - Unusual and Unique Gifts For Women

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Handbag Therapy!
An Unusual and Unique Gift for Women and Men

What is Handbag Therapy?

It is both compelling and fun; together we take a look inside your handbag and see what it reveals about you! It’s a light-hearted look at how your bag can reveal what’s going on in your life right now!

Handbag Therapy is great for:

  • An unusual or unique gift for a woman
  • An unusual or unique gift for a man
  • Creative gift ideas
  • Inexpensive gift ideas
  • Personalised hen party gifts or
  • A fun personality assessment

What does it involve?

For your personal and confidential ‘handbag analysis’ (i.e. personality analysis) simply email an up to date photo of your every-day handbag plus its contents and receive back a handbag therapy reading to discover how revealing your bag is about you and your life.

What do I do next?

This is a ‘no fuss, no frills’ experience; just click onto the shop page and follow the instructions.

When will I get my ‘reading’?

Debbie Percy will email you your very own handbag reading by pdf document for you to keep safe! Readings will be sent on a first come first served basis.

Please be patient with us for we know how popular this will be!

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Unusual Gifts for Women

Unique Gifts for Women


Handbag Therapy - Happiness is in the Bag!
Handbags! We cannot live without them, and the more we have the more we need!
Accessorise your personality and match it's contents to your bag! How? Book your handbag reading to find out more.....

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